Our Family


"Iwona was great with my dog. We left him with Iwona for two weeks and she gave me a daily update with pictures and videos to keep me informed and to set my mind at ease.

She kept him stimulated with daily walks and training for stimulation. I was very happy with the service she provided. I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Iwona!!!!!!"

Isabel M


"My wife adopted a dog who had spent some unknown time as a puppy on the street before he was rescued with his litter mates. By the time they were rescued, the runt in the litter had died. We do not know what happened, but our puppy was very anxious, easily scared and quite reactive to other dogs, people, skateboarders, bicyclists, some children and noisy or big cars. Walking him was difficult because he would bark aggressively and startle or even scare people despite being only 12 pounds.

Iwona spent 6 days with my dog and we saw great improvement. I was impressed with her insightful idea of taking him on walks in the morning to an elementary school so he could be among children, noises like whistles and bells, buses, skateboards and bikes. She also took him to restaurants and stores and rode a bike with him. I noticed a marked improvement. We also got photos, videos and updated reports throughout the day.

One of the best parts is watching how much my dog loves Iwona. She was firm with our little guy but loving. With Iwona he was secure, looked to her for guidance and showered her with kisses at the end of the day. I was grateful to see great training administered with understanding and affection."

Tom N.


"Whenever Curry spends the day with Iwona, he comes home incredibly happy. Iwona is patient, persistent, and thoughtful with all dogs. She is especially attuned to rescue dogs, such as Curry, who are somewhat skittish at first. She encouraged him to try new things and practice his skills. He went on hikes, visited dog friendly stores, and even accompanied Iwona on a bike ride! Iwona is amazing-- I can't recommend her enough!"

Teresa F

Yogi Aka Czesio

He is stubborn student in our family. Master of lack of effort, just going through the motions, or, my personal favorite, the eye roll!

On the other side, Yogi is kind of student that will keep his teacher challenged all the time.

Iwona B


"Dogs In a Bubble has become our "go to" place for dog training. Iwona is caring, consistent, mature, responsible and really has a gift for relating to dogs. Zeke (my 6 year old lab) LOVES spending time with her and he has learned so much! I'm a pretty fussy dog person and have not been comfortable leaving him anywhere that takes him out into the world. Because I have complete trust in Iwona, Zeke has been able to learn, explore and really enjoy new things! Great for Zeke, great for me!"

Kelly E


"Auntie Iwona" has been Charlie's guardian angel since the very beginning, when he was relinquished by his previous owner to Golden Gate Lab Rescue. As his former foster mom, Iwona took Charlie into her own home and spent several months teaching him the basic skills he needed to be ready for adoption. Through Iwona, we fell in love with Charlie from the very beginning, and thanks to her dedication, patience, and heart full of love, Charlie's transition into our home was a success -- and he has brought us so much joy and love ever since.

Charlie has been a member of our family for a year and half, and, as is the case with many rescue pups, there are areas of his behavior that still require a substantial amount of practice, consistency, and steady progress.

Because Iwona has the patience, the incredible knowledge and insight, and the perfect balance between firm and loving, we continue to bring Charlie down from San Leandro to Cupertino to work with her. Charlie continues to give Iwona his unwavering trust, and the work that he and Iwona do together is truly astounding. When he isn't at home with us, he's definitely the happiest in the presence of his favorite "Auntie," even when they're working through the toughest of challenges.

From foster mom to dog sitter to amazing trainer to supportive friend, Iwona has been nothing short of amazing for our Charlie. We're definitely looking forward to continuing our incredible work with her!

Myles G and Chris F



I highly recommend Iwona and 'Dogs in the Bubble'. I leave my 7-year old shepherd, Bella, every Christmas and go home for the holidays. Every year I have left Bella at her doggie day care. This year I left Bella with Iwona at 'Dogs in the Bubble'. In the past, I worried about Bella and knew she got bored and sad around the 5th day. I did not worry about her this year. I knew she would be happy with Iwona and her family, plus any other dog(s) Iwona would be caring for.

And, every day I received an update from Iwona in the morning and in the afternoon/evening, in the form of a text and photos. (The updates included the occasional hike and plenty of walks. Bella was a ‘happy camper’.) The photos were amusing and endearing, and I shared them with my friends and family. I left Bella for 6 nights and 7 days and I returned to a healthy, happy, and content dog. Whenever I go away, I am taking Bella to 'Dogs in the Bubble'.

Kathy N


"Working with Iwona at Dogs in The Bubble has been an amazing experience not only for our rescue pup but for us as well. Luna is a cattle dog mix and is still under a year old. I had read that cattle dogs need to be socialized with other dogs and people as much as possible, which we did do. Despite our efforts, Luna was still developing aggression toward other dogs and stubbornness. She is a very head strong dog and she needed someone to be patient yet firm with her.

Iwona has such a positive attitude and an incredible amount of patience. She was able to break through to Luna and Luna absolutely adores Iwona!

Luna & Bodhi

The fact that Iwona takes Luna to so many locations out in the “real world” to train, is such a wonderful idea. They train in shopping centers, trails, neighborhoods and many other locations. Luna is now so focused and is ready for the next task thrown her way.

Luna still has a way to go, but her transformation so far has been incredible.

Iwona is very good at explaining what techniques she uses and also making sure I understand, so I can continue the good work. I really enjoy the updates of Luna’s progress via photos and videos. Iwona really knows how to make training fun!"

Heather A.


I cannot say enough about Iwona Bibillo and her wonderful pet sitting and training services. She truly has a gift and the dogs love her! The video's and updates with pictures, sure keep your mind at ease when you are away from your dog - they were the highlight of my days away from home. In short, she is amazing!

Susan R.


Iwona is an amazing trainer who truly care about clients and clients dogs, she pours her heart into every dog she works with. She is truly the best dog trainers you will find anywhere. Why does she stands out? Because she is knowledgeable, use balanced training methods, is patient, and truly love dogs! Every interaction I've had with her has been positive and left me trusting her abilities and being completely confident that my fur baby is in good hands.

She has been sending me daily updates how my dog was doing and gave me homework to do -after 5 days my girl is well behaved & more balanced dog plus her recalls are getting so much better -and this is exactly what we were looking for - for someone to help us to teach us and dog what to do. Can’t thank her enough for this experience and highly recommend her training!!!

Katarzyna and Joe S.